Why Orgasm Lovers?


About Matthew

I am Matthew Angels. 

My mission is to teach men how to give pleasure to the woman they love.

I was born with a strong empathy with girls and women. Which taught me how difficult (and even dangerous), it was, for them, to find a guy able to understand their body and sexuality.

It also often put me in a strange position as both a straight man and a feminist, which made my love life... interesting.

A few years ago, a lover of mine pleaded to me: "you have to teach what you know to other men". Before that, I used to think men were responsible for the lack of female orgasms. 

It took me 30 years to realize it is not their fault! 

I used to be prejudiced against men. I was wrong. So here I am. 

If you want to become an orgasmic lover, I can teach you, and help you live a beautiful, happy, loving erotic life.


My epiphany: men need help

Once, I happened upon a group of women, mocking men as a whole for their worthlessness in the sack. It was sad, for everyone, and the mocking was really cruel. I asked "how do you teach them?". And the answer was unanimous : "we don't". Even worse "we don't even tell them if they're bad, we can't hurt their feelings".

"If you're with a man for the  first time, you don't even know if hurting his feelings is not dangerous. Better play safe!" 

How can you improve if no-one teaches you? For the first time, I sympathized with men. 

So, I decided to do what my former lover had asked me: teach! Teach men how they can give pleasure and orgasms to the woman with whom they share intimacy.  

My knowledge was built along more than 30 years of practice and studying. I have studied human anatomy, I have learned techniques from Tantra, read books, attended workshops and festivals, and a lot of "field research". I had sexual relationships with women with various pasts, including traumas, and always strived to improve the experience for both. I had hours of conversations and confidences from my many female friends - and many strangers.

I know the ins and outs of heterosexual sex, from experience - and that's why it is the one I teach.
I am not a master of seduction, nor an advocate for unusual or controversial practices. My place is teaching about the anatomy, building arousal, communication and basic techniques for giving orgasms to the person you love.


What you can expect from me

My teachings are a popularization of my lifelong knowledge. No ideology, my point of view is empathy, understanding, benevolence. You want to give pleasure to someone, I can give you the basic knowledge from which you can build your own sexuality. If you want to explore new horizons, this knowledge will always be useful - and if you already are into special practices, this will enhance your experience. 

  • I will teach you about anatomy : places that are sensitive, spots that can be touched in such a way that they can generate orgasms. 
  • I will teach you about arousal : some exercises and experience will help you understand your lover's body, and make her very receptive to sex. What is usually called “foreplay” is an important part of love-making.
  • I will teach you about communication, how to talk about sex, in a way that make it sound like “making love” and not like humiliating a person
  • I will give you a conversation, listen to your questions, with empathy and without judgement. I will try and find answers, and make this newsletter YOUR weekly appointment with your sensual life.
  • We will build a community of sensual lovers – for those of you who want to share with like-minded individuals. You can share your experience, your questions, you passion for sensuality, love and pleasure; your pride to be in a journey of self-improvement to become a true Orgasmic Lover

My knowledge comes from a lifetime of loving women, of loving sexuality, sensuality and tender embrace. From a 35 years of studying anatomy, sensual practices, building desire and pleasure; with several, very different, women. I have studied Tantra, Tao, the anatomy of the clitoris and of female genitals. I have listened to hundreds of women who told me about their sexuality; some of them loving sex, some of them having had traumatic experience, most of them wondering about their love lives and comparing experiences and lovers. In my pursuit of mutual pleasure, I have explored alternate practices, including some that did not satisfy me, and learned some errors to avoid. And I am still studying and experimenting, because you can always improve in the endless field of pleasure and love.

What this is not about :

  • My expertise is not about seduction. I have learned about male-to-female seduction, it does not work for me. And I am definitely not an expert at eliciting feelings, or getting attention from women. But I have never failed at giving pleasure to the women I had sex with.
  • This is not about manipulation and domination. The knowledge I have is based on love and understanding. 
  • My knowledge and teachings encompass no ideology – other than respect for the other person. You do not have to be straight, or monogamous, or cis, or anything. As long as you want to respect your partner, you are welcome. 
  • This is not a point-by-point protocol, nor a "magic button", nor a series of pre-written scenarii. I will give you knowledge, tools. Sex is like a language. You will progressively learn, vocabulary and grammar, so you will write your own text. 
  • Learning about sensuality is like learning a language : everyone goes at their own pace. Your first successful “conversation” (love-making) may be as soon as a few days after you have learned the first secrets, or may take a few weeks of try-and-error. And, just as a language, it is always a work in progress, you can always learn more. Keep on learning! And if you want to share your discoveries, they will be welcome!
  • I will not guide you through exploring “alternative practices” such as BDSM, role-playing, or tantrism. You may be curious or aroused by those. You can, and should, try and explore your fantasies or path if you so desire. There are many people out there who will give you advice and courses for trying these routes. But before you try cross-country, you have to learn how to walk and save your muscles. Alternate sexual scenarii are NOT something that will replace actual knowledge of her body and arousal system (and if you try them before knowing how to stimulate her body, you may hurt yourselves, or you may obfuscate actual issues with mental stimulation). Actually, some people who have experience in BDSM can still learn a lot from my knowledge, and use it into their practice. I speak from experience!

Eventually, I may offer a course and / or coaching calls if there is sufficient demand for it. Maybe just the hints and basics I propose will be enough for you. 

If you think it’s worthwhile, and want to dig deeper into sensuality, I am here on a mission to help love bloom, so do not hesitate, ask me your questions!

And please, share, spread the word, and spread love and understanding.

Rules : 

No pornography

No hate speech

No racism, sexism, homophobia, or other rejection speech

Sexuality is healthy only between consenting adults - and not only consent, but enthusiastic consent.

No spam, no flood, no trolling, no attacks ad hominem

No advertisement for commercial offers

No asking for any form of commercial sexual services (prostitution, pornography, webcam chat…)

Everyone deserves respect

Please understand we are all at different places in our journey. Please do not judge other members.


Why this can work for you

Only 46% of straight women declare they are satisfied with their sex life, while 86% of lesbians are. (There is a big bias in this study, because it is based on declaration, and people will answer according to their expectations, but the difference is still huge.) Why? Knowledge. Many women understand a woman’s anatomy, needs, and how another woman’s arousal works, builds and unfold. This is not innate to men. But we all are learning machines! You can learn!

Most men don’t know exactly how their partners feel. Most cannot predict if she is faking orgasm or not. Most have never seen a true orgasm. Based on my research, which relies on interviewing many women whom I know have or have not experienced full orgasms; about 9% of men are orgasmic lovers, and really know their way around. And more than 20% are really, physically, painful (and sometimes it may need some healing for the body to recover and be able to feel pleasure again). And it has (almost) nothing to do with their anatomy.

Orgasmic lovers


Pleasant sex partners


Boring sex partners


Painful sexual experience 



Once a woman is familiar with orgasm, she will be seeking it, just as intensely as any man. But finding a good partner is not easy.


The issue is, who gave you information about sex? Right : porn. Any time you are exposed to anything, your brain learns. But porn is not about satisfying a woman. Hell, it is not about satisfying men even! It is about eliciting male arousal - and testosterone is about arousal AND aggression, so the most efficient porn is more violent. So, involuntarily, you learn by seeing content that mixes sex and a variable dose of violence. Which, for most women (including some who are aroused by a hint of violence), is NOT a way to satisfaction


Be aware of that : fantasy is in the imagination. 

Arousal is mostly in the brain, and pleasure is mostly in the body - hence the hiatus.

You can feel arousal with ideas that stimulate your brain but would not be a source of pleasure if made real. Satisfaction is about the body feeling things that relate to pleasure. 

So, how can you gather actual knowledge to build a mutually pleasant sexuality? The best way is to have teachings from an “insider”. Someone who is by your side, able to teach you in a way that is clear and easy to understand, but still coming from inside where women are – someone who knows their anatomy, their feelings and sensations, what to look for. You are fortunate. I am that insider. I have spent my whole life bathed in female relationships. I understand their sensations, better than many women do! Most of my female friends turn to me for advice about their sexuality, their own bodies. 

I will communicate knowledge in a way that is direct, straightforward, and understandable. No tests, hints, expecting you to guess (like it often happens in man/woman seduction)

So what results can you expect? A satisfied woman can become very proactive in creating opportunities for sex. I had a lover, whom I could only see one week-end a month:  I had prepared several romantic outings over the course of our history; I could never do any of those. She just wanted to spend the whole time in bed, having sex. I have had girlfriends of mine dragging me away from activities, just to have intercourse.

Most of the women I have loved have tried to learn new techniques to please me, and gone out of their way, to make me feel reciprocated for the pleasure I gave them. 

It is in your power right now to change your sex life and make the woman you love be passionate about sex. 

Can you imagine the pure pleasure of a satisfactory, fulfilling sex life? 

Can you imagine the inner satisfaction of knowing that you can give pleasure to the woman you love, whatever happens, and that she will want to reciprocate? 

Can you imagine the envious look from your friends when they realize that your beloved looks at you with intense desire and sexual satisfaction? Do you imagine the admiration from her female friends? And believe me, women talk about sex and the performances of their lovers!

Can you imagine feeling the absolute confidence of knowing that whatever happens, your lover will always have confidence in your ability to make her come? 

Can you understand that a woman’s gratitude towards you will lead her to make every effort to give you the pleasure that she received from you? 

Can you imagine how much this mutual giving will draw you closer to each other, build mutual understanding, and consolidate your long-term relationship, as much as your everyday enjoyment of each other’s body?

Can you imagine the feeling of joy and confidence from having just had amazing sex? And the absolute joy of knowing that you can feel this feeling whenever you want, because you know that both of you love having sex with each other?

Do you know how much this true intimacy will connect you on a more spiritual level, making your relationship more supportive for both of your lives? The confidence, the inner joy of mutual support? 

Do you believe that good sex can be one of the foundations of your marriage, and will remain so for a long-term relationship? 

Can you believe me when I say that this experience with intimacy will help you grow as a person, and enrich your inner, spiritual life? 

If you think any three of those are goals worthy of pursuit, then I have good news for you : the Orgasmic Lovers experience is just one click away.

Act NOW and change your sex life forever.


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