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Last updated on March 4, 2022

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I don't own my body. I AM my body. 

If they steal or destroy my car, I am still alive and free. If I lend my car to my neighbour, and he has an accident, I don't actually feel any pain. And even if he destroys it in the accident, he can buy a new one and give it to me, it's all the same to me. I only have one body, and it is my life. 

When you fall in love with someone, does not their physical (body) appearance play a part? 

For those of you who believe in God, it is said that He made humankind in His image. Body and soul. Your body is sacred, it is the image of the divine (I never understand how some religious interpretations cope with God creating us and the message that our bodies are filth.)  

My body is me. And a human being is sacred. 

The consequences are major; and especially, in sexuality. 

Disclaimer: This is my personal reflections and way of seeing the human body and sexuality. Those have helped me in creating harmonious and orgasmic sexual bonds with my partners, and researching and finding a lot of my current knowledge. I think theses ideas can be useful. However, you don't have to agree with me to learn from me.

1. The meaning of Genitals. 

The part of the body that is involved in the feelings of love, of strong emotions, is called the heart, right? My default word for genitals (penis, vulva, vagina), is "the Heart" - thanks to the French poet Paul Verlaine. 

Further, genitals are the most sensitive part of a body (like our feelings are the most sensitive part of our minds). So they are to be treated with even more respect. They are the source of the best pleasure in our lives (and, if mistreated, the worst torture) 

2. the symbolic of The Penis. 

My penis is the best part of me. How I treat my penis, and how I think about it when I use it, is a reflection of how I treat myself. If I think of my penis as something disgusting and harmful (e.g. in porn), what image do I have of myself, of my intimate emotions?  

My penis is my heart, and the source of my utmost pleasures. 

It is also the instrument with which I can show my love, my desire, my caring for someone - and also, a part of me that can give amazing orgasms to my partner. In such, it is the "magic wand" of my feelings.  

3. The symbolic of The Vulva & Vagina 

The Vulva is part of a woman's heart. It is a place that holds a lot of potential pleasure, it is the gateway to the inside of a person. It has a lot of different textures and ways of pleasure. Often referred to as "Sacred Gateway", I often use the words Intimate Garden, with the clit being the Rosebud.  

The Vagina is not only a woman's heart, it is also the INSIDE of her. Another way to look at it is the Sanctuary - the innermost part of a sacred place (a huma,'s body). The vagina is a sacred place to be entered only with the utmost respect. One enters with a form of devotion (not feeling inferior, but devoted to ensuring that every gesture is totally respectful of the person and the act). Other words to designate the vagina: Temple, Cathedral, Sacred Den, Intimate Chapel... 


4. the meaning of Sexual intercourse 

Nothing is more sacred than a human person (and I do not dissociate body and mind) 

Genitals are the most intimate part of it, and therefore the most sacred. Getting in touch with them is in itself a huge responsibility, to respect and honour this precious and revered part. 

It is even more the case when getting INSIDE the genitals (vagina). 

I am going to ENTER A PERSON!!! This act is anything but trivial. It is an honour to enter a person. It is a responsibility. 

I only enter when the door is open and I am welcome. I don't force my way in (even if I'm told to) - only bandits break down a door, especially to a sacred place. Further, I owe it to myself to leave the place not only as beautiful and untouched as when I entered it, but indeed, enhanced. To me, it is necessary to make an offering to it (e.g. give it an orgasm). 

It is also an honour for her to be entrusted with my Heart, the most delicate and delicious part of my body and being. 

The respect is mutual, even if the choice of devotion is mine alone. 

Every gesture between us must honour the sacredness of each of our persons, our bodies, our hearts (genitals). 

5. the sense of Semen and cyprin

Semen, and cyprin (love juice), is an intimate product, a product of the self and of its pleasure. 

As a symbol, it is a part of me that is intimate, potentially taboo (accepted or not by its sender, but part of them), and therefore its acceptance is a symbol of acceptance of intimate parts that are meant to be shared only with the person closest to one's heart.

It is also an imprint. To receive the heart's nectar into oneself is to receive a part of the person into oneself, and to imprint it, there is an idea of fusion. 

This gives it an additional symbolic power in the case of ingestion. Indeed, to ingest (swallow) semen (or cyprin, but semen has a more symbolic aspect to it due to its reproductive aspect) is to receive the DNA of the sender and to transform this DNA into a constituent of one's own cells, and thus to keep a physical part of the sender as a constituent of oneself. 

Your input :  

  • What is your perception of the body? Of the genitals? Of sexual fluids?  
  • Do you see sexuality as an intimate exchange with the sacred dimension of a person? 
  • Do you want to see sexuality in this way? What do you need to achieve this?  
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