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Last updated on March 12, 2022

I believe making love is just what the phrase says - including in casual, recreative sex.

Sex is a relationship.

Sex is something I do WITH someone and TO someone. Which means I have a responsibility towards myself and my partner, including if it is casual - especially, I need to respect myself and my penis and interact with people whom I deem worthy of that respect.

I believe it is MY responsibility to give pleasure to my lover; and it is her responsibility to honour this gift and enjoy it and make it worthwhile - and it is HER responsibility to give pleasure to me, and mine to honour her gift the same way.

Thus, our mutual gratitude will grow and love will bloom in all its dimensions.

I believe communication is a key part in making sex enjoyable, and making love is the most beautiful way to connect with someone you love.

I believe that sex is a form of artistic language. It needs skills, intention and awareness. The more you know, the better you can say what you want, and the more enjoyable the experience is for both. And you never stop learning.


I believe that the more I grow in knowledge, consciousness and awareness, the more I will enjoy what happens in my sexuality. I believe the more I grow in knowledge, awareness and empathy and skill, the more I will provide beautiful orgasms to my lovers, and it is one of the most beautiful things on Earth.

I believe that an individualistic, self-serving mentality is the opposite of love. I think the phrase "each is responsible for themselves" is more often used as an excuse for being selfish jerks than to encourage personal growth (which was the original intention).

I believe that if you need to masturbate during the act in order to enjoy sex with your partner, there is something wrong with this relationship (or with your partner). And that is either a matter of knowledge and skill, or empathy and listening skills, or communication... or intentions and feelings (not caring enough for the other person).

I believe in making love - what the phrase says.

My experience has proved me right.

I also believe that taking your time and enjoying every bit of this wonderful interaction leads to better orgasms.

I believe that sex is something important, healthy and beautiful; and I believe that people should feel free to enjoy it, and that knowledge about sex should be valued and promoted.

I believe that the porn industry does not promote sexuality, I think it pollutes sex with brutality, contempt, and coercion; in this, it shares the same ideology with puritanism: they try to teach us that sex is bad.

I believe that trivializing the idea that sex is violence, domination, and contempt is a crime - and that it takes some effort to escape from this bias, because it permeates society.

I used to believe that men were responsible for being lousy lovers, that most of them were selfish jerks - and now I believe that I was wrong. I believe that many men would love to give pleasure to their lovers, but lack in knowledge - and they are in a bad position to acquire it, and they are fed inaccurate information. This is my endeavour, what I am working for.

I believe in making love. I believe it is learned. I believe I am working to make the world a better place by undertaking a most noble mission:

Helping people to MAKE LOVE.

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