Do you know that only 9% of men 

are proficient at giving full orgasms?

If you don't, you are probably not one of them. 

Become an Orgasmic Lover and change her world - and yours


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Clitoris glans, G-spot, H-spot, and K-spot as well as how to reach them and touch them

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Size matters - the size of your knowledge about her anatomy, about her arousal, and your communication skills. 

  • Making love is actually what the phrase says : building feelings. 
  • Sex, like art, conveys emotions, through your inspiration, skill and knowledge. The more you know about your partner’s body, the more your inspiration can elicit the emotions you want!
  • Very few men know how a female body works. Sexuality is neither taught at school, nor shown in regular porn. And women don’t want to hurt your feelings, they will not tell you what you're doing wrong. So how can you learn? Who will teach you? We will. 
  • Newsflash: women LOVE sex… when it’s done properly! Good news: you can learn, and become an Orgasmic Lover. It’s a skill. Building this skill and knowledge is just one click away: join the newsletter, get advice, and you will get results.

ELLE magazine

ELLE Magazine France

"New sex gurus provide advice online."

On November 25th, 2021, an article in Elle France prominently features Orgasm Lovers as a leader in informing men about female pleasure. Extracts :
"Matthew Angels (...) made it his mission to inform men about female pleasure. His website, Orgasm Lovers, offers articles and a newsletter  (...) Matthew Angels promotes welcome ideas based on dialogue..."

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What do I propose?

My teachings are a popularization of my lifelong learning about women's sexuality. No ideology, my point of view is empathy, understanding, benevolence. 

I will teach you about:

  • Anatomy  
  • Arousal
  • Communication about sexuality
  • Basic techniques for creating pleasure

Why become an Orgasmic Lover?

You can create a rich, mutually fulfilling sex life - more sex, and better sex. You will never have to fear a woman faking orgasm - or failure. You will get her admiration and that of her peers. And your love and understanding will grow stronger and happier.

We will build a community of sensual lovers to share our knowledge and discoveries. I want to build a conversation and answer YOUR questions with empathy and without judgement.

If you want to know more about my teachings, and why it is for YOU, go to the "about" page.


About the founder

I am Matthew Angels. 

My mission is to teach men how to give pleasure to the women they love.

I was born with a strong empathy with girls and women. Which taught me how difficult it was, for them, to find a guy able to understand their body and sexuality.

A few years ago, a lover of mine pleaded to me: "you have to teach what you know to other men". Before that, I used to think men were responsible for their inability to give orgasms to women. 

It took me 30 years to realize it is not their fault! 

I also realized that most women don't teach their partners - because they don't want to hurt their feelings, or sometimes they don't even know how!

How can you improve if no-one teaches you?

I used to be prejudiced against men. Now I want to help build a bridge between genders through the best communication medium: shared sexual pleasure.

If you want to become an orgasm lover, I will teach you, and help you live a beautiful, happy, and loving erotic life.


Rules : 

No pornography

No hate speech

No racism, sexism, homophobia, or other rejection speech

No spam, no flood, no trolling, no personal attacks

Sexuality is healthy between consenting adults only - and not only consent, but enthusiastic consent.

No asking for any form of commercial sexual services (prostitution, pornography, webcam chat…)

Everyone deserves respect

Please understand we are all at different places in our journey. Please do not judge other members.



Juliette (Paris)

Working with Matthew definitely improved my love life!
Matthew changed my vision on sex and improved communication with my lover by sharing his knowledge and experience and by helping me put it in practice.
Matthew is a compassionate listener who can help you understand the moves to take for solving and healing.
Because love and sex is a universal topic which deserves higher attention.
Thank you Matthew for the great so needed job you are doing, keep going please !!

JULIA (Oklahoma)

You’ve taught me so much and in turn my husband. You improved my relationship with my partner and myself. You encourage and share and you care about humanity. You are a beautiful soul.


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